Superbowl Stadium Spa: Spa LaQua

In honor of the Superbowl, we decided to ferret out sports arenas with spas.  Can you believe there are only two in the world? Let’s get on the ball, really owners, is this not the perfect place for ladies to lounge while hubs is taking in the game?

First up: Spa LaQua at the Tokyo Dome complex in Japan.  With a relaxation area of over 170 loungers – it’s a spa stadium defined!  OK so it’s not officially a football stadium, but Tokyo Dome City has sports, shops even apartments.  The spa or onsen features a natural hot springs, saunas of varying temperatures,   Soaking is the way to heal sore muscles, fatigue and dry skin.  Go Tokyo!

What do you think?  Is this a spa you’d like to go visit?  Is it your spa style?  Check out the pics and let us know in the comments.  And tune back in later in the week for the second stadium spa we found!

Spa LaQua lives inside the Tokyo Dome image via JapanStyleInfo

Tokyo dome

Stonecreek Partners designed the space which incorporates natural elements to enhance the feeling of retreat.

LaQua Spa Tokyo Dome Redevelopment

Collage From Tokyoguan aren’t the mats on the warm gravel unique?


Entrance from Wanna Go To Japan

Tokyo dome28

Some amazing photos from Ferlyn Yoshimi’s visit & be sure to visit her blog:

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Group relaxation Japanese style

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