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Chillin’ Like a Villian: (Stolen) Art

The end of January is upon us and it’s our last few days of Dr. No spa style (February will be “The Spy Who Loved Me” month!)   And we haven’t finished saluting Dr. No’s fortress.  Who knows how to hide away better than the bad guys?  Don’t they seriously always have the best digs? […]

Chillin Like a Villian 2: Spa with the Fishes

Remember the funky partially submerged home we shared earlier this week?  The one inspired by Dr. No’s lair?  Well, if you don’t feel like submerging your stress at home, how about at this underwater spa in the Maldives? Yup, Huvafen Fushi’s Lime Spa operated by Per Aquum has the world’s first underwater treatment rooms where […]

Chillin’ Like A Villian: Living with the Fishes

This week, in our search for James Bond bliss, we’re focusing on Dr. No’s evil underwater lair.  Think living inside of a giant aquarium would be relaxing?  Did you know that watching fish swim can drop blood pressure up to 10 points? Well, we think the inhabitants of this spa house must have the lowest […]

Dr. No “Worries” Spa: Sans Souci, Jamaica

Part of Dr. No was filmed at the Sans Souci resort in Jamaica which, lucky for us, is still in business!  It’s now a couples retreat, perfect for Valentine’s Day coming up!, and we went undercover to bring you a taste of the resort . . . plus a few ideas for bringing it home! […]