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Race to the Bedroom in Borobudur

Would you race around the world for a million dollars? I would! Hence my addiction to CBS’ The Amazing Race. Channel surfing on Sunday I discovered I had missed the first episode egads! Last season we took you around the world with the racers, picking a spa at each destination with our signature bring it […]

Amazing Race to the Spa: Spa Botanica Singapore

Sadly, due to technical difficulties I had to miss my beloved Amazing Race this week. BUT, I remembered Phil said the racers would be bolting around Singapore – so while I can’t do my recap – how about a visit to one of the top spas in Singapore?  If you need a recap, She Knows […]

Amazing Race to the Spa: Shangri-La Malaysia & Decor Palette

Well it’s been a pretty insane Easter! First, an earthquake (my first), the beach then a switchback Amazing Race where the 1st team last week was eliminated & the last place team last week was first! Go Cowboys! I loved all the spa influences in this episode. Malaysia’s breathtaking as a backdrop to the race. […]

Amazing Race to the Spa: Maia Luxury Spa Seychelles

Our intrepid racers got to check out the Seychelles – though hardly any of them could pronounce it. Repeat after me. . Say-shells NOT Say-chilies! The detour choices both involved animal & fruit combos. . .turtles w/bananas or oxes w/coconuts. Several racers had coconut troubles and had to redo the detour.  The roadblock was a […]

Amazing Race to the Spa: Chateau de Fere Champagne, France

This week the Amazing Racers created new jabs of envy in my soul as they wandered around the Champagne region of France. J’adore champagne and France! Then I got to thinking, who could use a spa respite more than the racers? After all that detouring and road block challenges – I’m sure they are tuckered […]