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Spot On: Warming “Sauna” Bathroom + Touch

This bathroom is all about warmth!  From the rich wood shelving and accents to the surround of the window which mimic a sauna.  And though you won’t want to touch it literally, the see-through fireplace warms you & the surfaces you connect with via it’s flames.    Originally featured in California Home & Design Magazine.

Let Them Eat “Turkey” Cake

I know I’m going to hear some boos and hisses, but “cringe” here goes anyhow. . . I do not like Turkey! It just always seems so dry and I’m not a gravy fan so I always take a few token bites on Thanksgiving, then that’s it. SOOOO, I’m always looking for alternative Thanksgiving recipes. […]

SpaHouse Smackdown: My Concrete Floor, Your Money

Did anyone watch the new HGTV show My House, Your Money last night? All I have to say is what a spoiled brat! Wouldn’t it be awesome if all of our parents could buy us $400,000 houses? That lapse in judgment aside, the lofts they toured were way cool bachelor pad material. My favorite element, […]