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Create a Garden Labyrinth for Lazing

Since it’s spring and we’re all getting down and dirty in our gardens, why not create your own temporary Labyrinth? Just like the Spa Botanica featured in our Amazing Race to the Spa series?  Even if you have a small yard you can design a spot that will signal you to unwind. Typically a labyrinth […]

SpaHouse Transition to Relaxation at Home: The Ananda Peacock

One key element to bringing spa ambiance to your abode, is to have a transition piece. It’s the thing that says goodbye world hello me. It could be a fountain on the patio, fragrant jasmine at the door or a supersoft rug in your foyer. At Ananda Spa, guests are welcomed by a herd of […]

Pretty Up Your Patio Ceiling a la Ananda Spa’s Yoga Pavilion

Posh Patio Ceiling The Ananda Spa’s Yoga Pavilion’s ceiling is another stunning design element. Almost like a real flying carpet, you can do your asanas looking at a sea of blue. SpaHome Solution I love the way this cozies up an outside space – perhaps your covered patio could use a color boost? I’m not […]

#HomeSpaChat Scrapbook: Tree Huggers Hoedown

Swing your partner dosi do as we chat about tree decor, garden ideas and design all with trees.  Or just come play among the treetops with us for a virtual ah!  Super SpaHome!    Don’t forget you can print the complimentary Tree Planting Journal too!   Open publication – Free publishing – More garden decor […]

Save Water & Create a Relaxing Water Feature in your Garden: Rain Chain

I’ve been working on the chain gang, chain gang. . . oops hey ya’ll this week’s SpaHome find has me singing, in the rain that is! Not only is today’s pick a gorgeous piece of artwork for your garden or way to gussy up your gutters, but it’s eco friendly and creates soothing spa tones […]

Egg-ceptional Furniture for that Easter Egg Vibe

The golden egg at our spa of the week, Ni’Mat, motivated me to undertake a mission to find egg shaped decor for the home. After all, the smooth silhouette and soft round curves are extremely soothing to look at in our living spaces – definitely a must do for a Spa home ambiance. Not quite […]

Italian Spa House Style: Glam Geometric Garden Floor

The underpinnings of this ground “quilt” are what takes the work here.  How to achieve this look with low maintenance results: 1.  Determine where this landscaping will go, the pattern of the filling and map it out on your lawn with ribbon or tape. 2.  Measure the size of the sides of each box of […]

Path to the Spa

Bring Home that Spa Bedroom & Garden: The Jamahkiri Spa Thailand

Okay, yes I know a shark is probably the least relaxing thing you know of – but in honor of today being the 35th anniversary of the movie Jaws – I thought it would be fun to take you on a trip to the Jamahkiri Boutique Resort & Spa located on Shark Bay in Koh […]

Create Your Own Cozy Patio for Canoodling like Spa La Serra

The center of an orange and olive garden is a lush setting for anything I can think of & even better – a spa. In the midst of such a place in Sorrento, Italy (the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in fact) – resides the Boutique Spa La Serra. Focusing on well-being & beauty, La Serra […]

Amazing Race to the Spa: Spa Botanica Singapore

Sadly, due to technical difficulties I had to miss my beloved Amazing Race this week. BUT, I remembered Phil said the racers would be bolting around Singapore – so while I can’t do my recap – how about a visit to one of the top spas in Singapore?  If you need a recap, She Knows […]