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Italian Spa House Style: Glam Geometric Garden Floor

The underpinnings of this ground “quilt” are what takes the work here.  How to achieve this look with low maintenance results: 1.  Determine where this landscaping will go, the pattern of the filling and map it out on your lawn with ribbon or tape. 2.  Measure the size of the sides of each box of […]

Tete a Tete – The Heavenly Headboards of Caudalie

I couldn’t resist sharing the inventive headboards & beds that the designers at Les Sources de Caudalie have dreamed up. Steal their genius for your own maison: L’Ile aux Oiseaux Got white sheets? Got pillows? You’ve got a bed and headboard. The frameless bed sits on the ground anchoring the sleeping area. Chambre Prestige Shutters […]