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Forget Last Minute, Spa Ways to Make Mother’s Day Last All Year

GiltHome honored me last week by asking me to host their LIVE@GiltHome facebook chat!  The topic?  Ways to give mom some me time and spa inspired gifts for her big day this Sunday!  I was so inspired by the chat, that I decided to create a “How to” Guide for spoiling Moms not just on […]

HomeSpaChat Scrapbook: Flowers w/ Suzanne Cummings & Steuben

Witty Repartee and Saucy Banter among our Guests! In honor of Flower Week on Art of the Spa, we tapped two of my fave floral geniuses to help us arrange our floral decor for maximum petal power! The Jane Packer trained flower artisan (whose classes you can take!), Suzanne Cummings & the Vase Vixens of […]

SpaBrunchSunday: April Showers & May Flowers 4/10

This week is all about flowers! If you’re enduring April showers – take heart! We’re giving you a soundtrack to your rainy day retreat with a two part program inspired by spring weather! Link to listen live (or Download podcast if you want to listen later):  Click here!     Listen First we play a […]

#HomeSpaChat Flower Show – Decorating with Flowers

April showers bring May flowers. . . Yay! Is there anything that vibes spa ambiance more than bodacious blooms? Fresh flowers bring nature, fragrance, beauty and relaxation – that is they practically spell SpaHome! So we are having a Flower Show on HomeSpaChat for April 5, 2011. And we have two amazing guests to help […]