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Spa House Daily Spot: Sup in a Sunroom!

Happy Thanksgiving Week! We have more gorgeous spa vibing home spots from Turkey.  First, this eating area which makes every meal feel like a picnic!  The banquette is surrounded by windows and a huge skylight to get that inside/outside vibe!  If you don’t have the same setup at home, don’t worry – try surrounding your […]

Spa House Daily Spot: The High Steel

Our pre-Thanksgiving tour of Spa House Spots in Turkey continues, with the Yenikoy Mansion an example of modern Turkish decor.  Though the kitchen’s cabinets and tile are traditional, the room is anchored by a steel range hood and ceiling.  Definitely a taste specific choice, but embodies the spirit of Turkish design – courage to mix […]

Sit & Tile Awhile! Tiles for Your Abode (& We’re Not Talkin’ Scrabble!) & #TileParty

Thursday night, I was honored to be invited to the Come Home open house at Filmore Clark Tile Studio located in The Avenues the West Hollywood fashion & design district. And I can’t help but say I was “floored”! Not only by the exquisite designers she carries, but also by the variety and ability to customize […]

Made in the Spa Shade

In the throes of August’s ridiculously radiant rays, I need some shade. Another kind of shade I crave are the lamp kind. A quick & simple way to change the look of a room, check out these sumptuous selections from fave resource Anthropologie: Dressmaker’s Shade The strands of torn silk layered on this shade add […]

How to Let a Corkscrew Inspire Your Kitchen Decor

On HGTV’s Design Star Sunday night Alex chose a corkscrew for his design inspiration for the Sears Kenmore shoot project.  Despite everyone else’s astonishment at this pick – I thought it was rather ingenious – until he decided that it’s utilitarian function would be reflected in the appliance – uh boring.  So what would I […]