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SpaHome Tweetchat Design Series Launches

Over 100 twitterers, including top kitchen designers & foodies, joined the fun as we held our inaugural SpaHome tweetchat. Every month, we’ll get together to talk how to design our homes & lives for relaxation, beauty & style designed around a specific room in the house. And we started with the Kitchen! Designed to tantalize […]

A Kitchen Designed for Comfort and Style

Sieguzi Interior Designs is a design firm in Toronto Canada headed by Robin  – an interior designer & certified kitchen designer.  We are so lucky to have her as one of experts at the upcoming SpaKitchen tweetchat.  And I absolutely adore how she kept the personality of this kitchen renovation while giving the family everything […]

Spa"Kitchen" Flicks

We’ve devoted this SpaFlick Friday to SpaKitchen worthy movie kitchens. We found so many awesome designers professing their movie kitchen love we decided to share those plus our own.  Rent these movies to whet your design palate: Something’s Gotta Give seems to be the film lover’s kitchen of choice. Check out this family who remodeled […]

A Curvaceous Kitchen SpaHouse Style

Not to throw you a “curve”ball, but does your kitchen get a”round”?  Circular shapes are easy on the eye (and body when you’re a klutz like me who tends to bump into things!)  So, our fave SpaKitchen round up had to include these two foodie rooms that throw typical kitchen designs for a loop.   […]

SpaHouse Glamour Kitchen: Aerin Lauder

Aerin Lauder, Global Creative Director of Estee Lauder, is a beauty industry giant & not surprisingly a SpaKitchenista.   The soothing pale blue & icicle white palette in her kitchen could be an EL eyeshadow duo.   I find it really charming that her love for blue & white comes from her grandmother. The corner […]

#HomeSpaChat 5/3 SpaKitchen: Comfy Cooks & Grinning Guests & Name that Implement!

The kitchen is the heart of the home.  Parties end up here, families congregate here and nourishment & nosh are born here.   So why is it that one of the last things we think about is making our kitchens more sumptuous and conducive to hanging out and lounging?  Of course, we have our cooking […]