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De-Stress Your Nest – Eliminate Before You Decorate: January 11

Is your home more harried than haven? Join us if you long to create a calming casa. It’s often what you get RID of rather than what you bring in that dictates chaos. Clutter, dirt, messy mates – we’ll conquer it all! Your space will be serene, mean and clean AND you’ll have fun doing […]

Halloween Masquerade Ball #SpaWeekGossip Recap

Even though due to Twitter troubles we weren’t able to mask ourselves, we still had a blast unmasking our favorite beauty masks & recipes. In fact, there were so many great DIY recipes – we’re devoting a separate blog post to them! At the spa or at home, peel away, hardening, mud, seaweed, mint, face, […]

Gowns for Lounging like a Vixen

In addition to her trusty Sleepmask (see our selections), what would a girl wear to a Spa Masquerade Ball but a Night”Ball”Gown?  Even if you’re not partying with us, check out these chemise gowns we’re craving – way too stunning to sleep in! Night “Ball” Gowns by ArtoftheSpa featuring a crystal ring VINTAGE INTIME PINK […]

Eco Spa: Saving Face while Saving the Planet SpaWeekGossip 10/6

Think spagoing and beauty are indulgent pastimes of the young and wasteful? Wrong! Spagoers are among the greenest folks I know. After all, we’re being proactive in our health so why wouldn’t we do the same for the earth. Besides, we could be engaged in consumer centric behavior like shopping! The question is how can […]

Peeling Away the Years: Face the Day with Spa Skin Strategies #SpaWeekGossip 9/22

Did you know September is National Skin Care Awareness Month?   Beauty  expert and entrepreneur Renee Rouleau founded this month long dedication to caring for our skin. (I think it’s also cool the last three letters of her name mean water in French!) I can’t think of a better time, my sun ravaged skin makes […]

Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute & Spa LA

Spa Week sent me on a mission to Yolanda Aguilar Beauty Institute & Spa in Los Angeles for our weekly #SpaWeekGossip parties and I gladly accepted. YA Beauty Institute and Spa is in the financial district and I can’t think of a better spot for a gem of a spa. YA specializes in skin rejuvenation […]

Back to "Spa" School: Lessons in Leisure #SpaWeekGossip 9/1

Roll call! The kids aren’t the only ones going back to class. The bell has rung and you had better be in your seat because: It’s time for Spa School. Where fun will earn you an A and treatments rule. BONUS: Six A+ Students will win a spa uniform! No naughty schoolgirl attire here. PRIZE: […]