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Ciao Bella: Spa Italian Style

FIRST A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT: Next week 11/17 #SpaWeekGossip becomes #SpaGossip. Everything else is the same, just the hashtag has changed. Get out your suitcase, grab a glass of chianti and pull up a plate of pasta. . . or should I say Spa-sta? This week’s #spagossip focuses on spa & beauty in Italy. Not only […]

Spa Etiquette: The Naked Truth Recap #SpaWeekGossip 9/8

This week we answered the perennial spa etiquette conundrums With guest experts @SpaHeiress @BrianSmithRocks @MarktheSpaMan @HankyPankyJD Spa Week Daily premiered the smash hit music video: “I Get Naked at the Spa” @SpaWeek and @ArtoftheSpa livestreamed spa treatments while exhibiting perfecto spa protocol for the benefit of Spa Manners everywhere. Check out their treatments at these […]