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Chillin Like a Villian 2: Spa with the Fishes

Remember the funky partially submerged home we shared earlier this week?  The one inspired by Dr. No’s lair?  Well, if you don’t feel like submerging your stress at home, how about at this underwater spa in the Maldives? Yup, Huvafen Fushi’s Lime Spa operated by Per Aquum has the world’s first underwater treatment rooms where […]

Let Them Eat “Turkey” Cake

I know I’m going to hear some boos and hisses, but “cringe” here goes anyhow. . . I do not like Turkey! It just always seems so dry and I’m not a gravy fan so I always take a few token bites on Thanksgiving, then that’s it. SOOOO, I’m always looking for alternative Thanksgiving recipes. […]

Spa House Daily Spot: A Worldwide Ceiling

Yes it’s less than a week til Turkey Day and there’s still so much gorgeous Turkish decor to gobble! The map on the ceiling of this bath demonstrates love for pattern, playfulness & brave color combos. Do you have an overhead view you’d like to pretty up? image via Sotheby’s.

Sir Spa: The Esquire Apartment

This is not what I was going to share with you today. But when I ran across the Esquire Apartment, a collaboration between top designers & brands, I HAD to change course. You see, the Esquire Apartment is designed as the ultimate bachelor pad – but it also screams spa style! Cozy, whimsical and retro […]

SpaHouse Transition to Relaxation at Home: The Ananda Peacock

One key element to bringing spa ambiance to your abode, is to have a transition piece. It’s the thing that says goodbye world hello me. It could be a fountain on the patio, fragrant jasmine at the door or a supersoft rug in your foyer. At Ananda Spa, guests are welcomed by a herd of […]