How to Cook Chicken in a Tajine just like Sultana Spa

A tajine is a pot used in moroccan cooking, it sort of looks like a teepee. A flat dish with a triangular lid on top. It’s a beautiful table centerpiece and serving dish in one. And best of all, it’s a super healthy way to cook. Simply pop ingredients onto plate of tajine, cook for around 1.5 hours over low heat & voila!

Use the Tajine recipe from below as a guideline, but feel free to change the meat, spices, veg to your faves!

We really like the Cherry Moroccan tajine by Le Creuset available at Sur La Table

Le Creuset Tajine

Chicken Tajine from Group Recipes

4 x chicken thighs
1 x leek
2 x red onions
1 x courgette
1 x yellow bell pepper
turmeric, cumin, coriander, Red paprika, Fenugreek, cayenne
spice powders
1 x can chopped tomatoes
vegetable oil

1. add approx 2tbs oil to base of Tagine or Casserole
2. Slice onions thinly and form a layer at bottom of pan
3, Remove skin from thighs and place on top of onion slices
4. Slice leek thinly and lay on top of onion slices
5. Open tomato can and pour contents over the veg and chicken
6. Slice Courgette and make another layer (also yellow pepper)
7. Sprinkle 1 x tsp of the Turmeric,Cumin,Coriander & Paprika over
the contents,add Half tsp Fenugreek and pinch of Cayenne
8. Turn on heat (low) and leave to cook for approx 75 mins stirring

Live, love and lounge!


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