Tree Trimming on Christmas Eve

Between all the parties, travel and other fa-la-la-festivities, decorating my own tree seems to get left till the last minute. And I think that is perfect – because

1. All those ornaments you got for prezzies can be put to use

2. You can get an awesome deal (often even free) on a live tree

3. No rushing means you can enjoy the moment & savor the fun of it

4. Friends and family will rush to your side to help pretty it up

5. Presents won’t reside under it long enough to be shaken silly

6. Most of the decorations are on sale if you need extra

7. You get to enjoy it right into the New Year without being sick of it

So guess what? I decked out my tree today! I pulled out my artificial slim Canadian Pine this year – and spa-ahed it up with pine oil on the branches. I usually put this baby in the bedroom and get a big real tree for the living room, but as I had a little chimney issue, I decided to go easier. I let the tree design itself – by laying out the ornaments and seeing what theme or colors spoke to me.

It’s a melange of all of my spa styles, black whimsical feather garland, glam Judith Jack oranments, retro silver bells and cozy ribbon cascades.

As my holiday card for you, check out the transformation. *Note the images are all mine and were taken by me. Merry Christmas!



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