The Wizard of Gingham

OK so this weekend I was obsessed with the movie The Wizard of Oz which kicked off the onslaught of classic holiday movies.  Now I’ve been Dorothy for Halloween, that’s how much I love this movie!, and her gingham dress started me on a checked quest.

Dorothy & her gingham dress!

Most deem the squares square (even our friends at Apartment Therapy). See their debate here. Well I’d like to protest. I rather like gingham – it’s perfect for a cozy or glam spa style.  But, while I’m not a fan of rules, there are a few to take gingham from frumpy to fab:

-Bold colors will ensure no hee haw ambiance
-Larger checks are easier to decorate out of the “box”
-Pair gingham with bold colored accessories and white walls for a mod feel
-Pastel gingham when part of a monochromatic scheme vibes Scandinavian
-Avoid ruffles at all costs!

Now, how bout a little inspiration?

credit Flickr

Navy & white is so refreshing! TY to

via Hotel La Manufacture

image via Houzz

Mixing ginghams updates them! via

via Houzz

Large scale gingham and bright red stripes for a cozy cabin! Via


Do you have any favorite Gingham rooms to share? What’s your take on the gingham debate?

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