Trick or Treat: Candy Color Spa Decor & #SpaHouseParty

The Sweetest Game Ever! Candyland Board. credit

This week on #SpaHouseParty we’re Trick or Treating! Taking inspiration for our homes from our favorite candies! Join the fun Monday, October 17 on tweetchat.

Til then, take a peek at these spas with sweet palettes and their candy counterparts. Feel as if you’ve stepped into a Candyland game? The fun colors make spa time that much sweeter! Where can you inject a little sugar into your space?

Green Apple Jolly Rancher: Hotel Guanahani Spa St. Barth

Jolly Ranchers via

Hotel Guanahani Spa

Pixie Stix: Barbie Spa Shanghai

Pixie Stix via

Feel like a lifesized doll at the Barbie Spa in Shanghai via

Fun Dip: Hotel Giardino Spa, Ascona Switzerland

Fun DIp is candy sticks you dip into flavored sugar. via

Hotel Giardino Spa European Effervesence via Hotel Giardino


The guest rooms at Giardino candy glam! via Hotel Giardino

Gumballs: Bad Blumau in Styria, Austria

Gumballs via

The Thermal Pool at Bad Blumau swimming amongst the gumballs! via Bad Blumau

Bad Blumau's grape and white relaxation area ahh. via Bad Blumau

Chocolate: Spa at the Hotel Hershey

Hershey Bar via

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