Veg Out Vibrations: Tibetan Singing Bowls

Our feature spa for the week, Wildflower Hall, borders Tibet and one of their signature treatments is called “Journey to Tibet”. During the Journey, guests are exfoliated and massaged while Tibetan Singing Bowls are played in the background.

Though we wish we could whisk you there right now, we can at least offer up a few ways for you to include veg with Tibetan Singing Bowls at home.

1. Make it Sing

Tibetan singing bowls are played by running the mallet (included) lightly against the rim of a specially crafted brass curved bowl. Actually making the bowl “sing” is rewarding too! Or you can strike to bowl for a more powerful tone.

2. Play a Tune

Or, the simpler way, buy a CD of Tibetan Singing Bowl music. For clarity and quality this downloadable album is the best:

3.  Relaxing Rings

We even discovered this lovely Tibetan Singing Bowl iphone app!  You can actually play the bowls by running your finger around the rims.Click here to download. Voted one of Apple’s staff faves!

To learn more about how Tibetans use bowls and other sound healing, check out this book:

Live, love and lounge, Candy

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