Watch Out

Do you know what time it is?  Have you noticed the lack of wristwatches?  We look at iphones, etc. for the time.  How boring is that?  I need a  break from phones (banned at spas), second, you have to find your phone in your pocket, purse etc. and . . . third, watches are smokin’ hot!

Saturday I found at our local Goodwill a superfunky Nixon Vega watch for only $7.99!  These sell for $90+ at Nordstrom. Though I didn’t know that, I just thought it was so happy with it’s orange band & face and vintage bakelite bracelet vibe.  Plus, I’ve been wanting a watch for when I run or walk and don’t want to wear my fancier ones.

A few cool Men’s Nixon watches:  

Describe your fave watch in the comments, even link to an image if you dare ; )   Here is the beauty from Saturday:

Don’t you just heart chunky arm watches?


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