Where Would St. Patrick Spa? An Irish Enclave in Kerry

Did you really think I’d forget to give St. Patrick a spa day?  I am half Irish after all!  Plus, the roots of St. Patrick’s Day are in indulging.  It’s origins are said to stem from a day to take a break from Lent, eat meat and rejoice!  And if there was a spa around, I’m sure more than one Irishman soaked his beer saturated body in the jacuzzi.

St. Patrick is somewhat of a mystery & it turns out the legend of him banishing snakes from Ireland is a hoax (more on that at history.com).  As the patron saint of a day of indulgence (which sounds an awful lot like a spa day to me!) I couldn’t resist giving him a spa itinerary.

County Kerry

Located in County Kerry sits the Killarney Plaza Hotel & Spa. One of Ireland’s most picturesque havens, County Kerry’s capital is Tralee home of the world renowned Rose of Tralee & the county is bordered by mountains on one side and lakes on the other – County Kerry is to St. Patrick like the North Pole is to Santa.  Where else would he relax?

The Killarney Plaza boasts Ireland’s only true concept Molton Brown spa which has special treats just for the lads perfect for St. P.  It was even voted the Best Hotel in Ireland in 2008.  Here’s what I’d recommend, after a stint in the sauna to sweat out all that alcohol, tend to those saintly hard working hands and feet with:

Desert plant conditioning hand groom

Vitalise your nails, hands and arms. Hands will be soaked, buffed and moisturised while your nails are given a trim, your cuticles are tidied and we treat your hands, palms and arms to a relaxing massage.

Your skin will feel smooth and hydrated and your nails will be in great shape.

* Pre-booking is advised for this therapy       1 hour  15 minutes  €70

Samphire vital foot groom

Recondition your feet, ankles and nails. Your soles and heels will be soaked and polished, while your nails and cuticles are given a shape and tidy. Then relax as you enjoy a hydrating and stress-relieving foot massage. Emerge with smooth, moisturised skin, immaculate cuticles and a revived mood.

Killarney Plaza wishes you a very happy and green St. Patrick’s Day with this animated card & Irish toast:

Link to animated Card:  http://www.killarneytowers.com/St_Patricks_Day.html?f=AC-4129-8373693-154547

Our Irish Toast to you…

Seo sláinte an tséitéara, an ghadaí, an trodaí, agus an óltóra!
Má dhéanann tu séitéireacht, go ndéana tú séitéireacht ar an mbás,
Má ghoideann tú, go ngoide tú croí mná;
Má throideann tú, go dtroide tú i leith do bhráthar,
Agus má ólann tú, go n-óla tú liom féin.

If you cheat, may you cheat death.
If you steal, may you steal a woman’s heart.
If you fight, may you fight for a brother.
And if you drink, may you drink with me.

Bring St. Patrick’s Spa Sojourn Home:

Do a femme fatale version of St. Paddy’s mani/pedi with one of the hot green nail polishes like Rescue Beauty Lounge’s Orbis Non Sufficit, Teal or Recycle.

Try this delicious version of Corned Beef & Cabbage from www.allrecipes.com .

Happy Saint Paddy’s Day Spa Wishes, Candy

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