Wildflower Hall by Oberoi, 2011 Spa Tour


The approach view to Wildflower Hall! High on a hill!

Owned by the luxurious Oberoi Hotel group, Wildflower Hall presides 8,250 feet above sea level!  Now that’s an escape!  Set amongst hillsides of wildflowers, what other spa would be our official flower week (last week) Art of the Spa selection!

Wildfowers from the hillsides!

Natives are said to have climbed the Himalayas in hope of reaching heaven alive!  Wow!

Yoga with a view of the Himalayas - incredible!

Yes you can go rafting at a spa!

Ice skating in the winter with your honey - so romantic!

How about a warming swim in the heated indoor pool? Dig those arches, inlaid mosaic floor which vibes an oriental rug & chandeliers for a luxurious dip in the pool.

Feed your body as well as your spirit with lots of outdoors activities at Wildflower Hall – these above are just a sampling!  Seriously, who thinks going to a spa means laying around in a robe all day?!

Rustic British Colonial ambiance (and that cozy fireplace) welcomes you to the bar

Striking dual chandeliers & plenty of lamps create a warm retreat in the lobby! The beamed ceiling and heavy window treatments finish off the enclave feel.

British colonial decor with a palette of muted blues, corals, camels and wood – create a rustic and grand retreat!

The outdoor jacuzzi and lounge - the king of the world!

Finish your day with an exotic spice body envelopment in the outdoor Spa Pavilion

Wildflower hall specializes in treatments that incorporate the fresh spices, herbs and flowers native to their geography.  They focus on creating an inner/outer body connection that creates beauty that radiates from the inside of guests.  One of our favorite treatments pays homage to neighboring Tibet:

Journey to Tibet

A warm herbal poultice massage combined with energy balancing and healing sound. You’ll enjoy the benefits of the heat and therapeutic massage as your chakra energy centres are cleansed and enhanced through the therapeutic sound and vibrations of Tibetan singing bowls.

Find out how to SpaHome this treatment later in the week!

*Photos courtesy of Oberoi

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