Word Up – Our AM/PM De-Stressing Journal Technique for Busy Girls

A few words from our spa-nsor. . .

Recently a good friend was extolling the virtues of simplicity. The next day at our weekly #SpaHouseParty on incorporating words into our decor, we were raving about the zen powers of keeping a journal. . . and were shocked by how no one had the time.

So, I devised a no muss, no fuss simple way to record your feelings without stealing but a second of your time. All it takes is a notebook, a pen and 2 words.

Why journal? Keeping your thoughts & feelings is a superb way to kick the worries of the day out of your system and a fun way to revel in the joys. AND it subconsciously encourages you to do more of the happiness inducing things! In fact, dairying is such an enriching past time that many spas have classes in it!

And I tried to do it, writing little snippets in a Christian LaCroix flocked journal I bought especially, but found myself too tired at night to do it consistently. So I decided to create a Word Journal instead.

Christian LaCroix Flocked Journal

How to Start Your Own Spa Word Journal

1. First thing in the morning, write a word for what you’re most excited about for the upcoming day or a word you HOPE will describe the day.

2. Before bed, insert the word that stands out from the day.

3. Example from my journal (in parenthesis is why I chose that term):

AM: Hair (I was excited this day that I was getting my hair done!)
PM: Port-alicious (I had my first taste of Port wine today for dessert, so I made up this word to end the day. Yes inventing words is allowed!)

BONUS: When you write down the good no matter how small or silly, you draw that good energy to you!

SO when will you start your journal? Tonight? Tomorrow morning? Have a fun word to share with us? Love to see them in the comments!

Your journal awaits!

Spa ya later, Candy

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