Italian Spa House Style: Glam Geometric Garden Floor

Gorgeous Garden Floor Idea From Vigilius Resort

The underpinnings of this ground “quilt” are what takes the work here.  How to achieve this look with low maintenance results:

1.  Determine where this landscaping will go, the pattern of the filling and map it out on your lawn with ribbon or tape.

2.  Measure the size of the sides of each box of filling.  Buy plastic edging cut to fit each side of these box configurations. (We like Dimex recycled plastic edging from Home Depot)

3.  Insert edging so that the lip is flush with sidewalk, rest of lawn, etc.

4.  Within taped area, dig out 1/2 inch of soil.  Saturate each area with grass & weed killer, then lay down Easy Gardener Weed Barrier (can be found at Home Depot)

5.  Decide on your decorative fillings and play!  In addition to the cones, gravel and mulch above – you could get really creative and use colored sea glass (can be found at Michaels Crafts);  shells;  sand, your imagination is the limit!

Live, Love and Lounge (on the Lawn) Candy


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