SpaHome Sleep Strategies Part Two: Yelo Spa

Ironically, the genesis of Yelo Spa, was CEO Nicolas Ronco’s epiphany after he experienced an earthquake in Japan. He noticed how the Japanese handled the situation with clarity and calmness. He also observed the Japanese custom of napping & became curious as to how this affected their state of being.

Thus, he studied the science of sleep and napping for two years, before opening Yelo Spa – a sanctuary in Manhattan. Though the spa offers traditional services such as massage, napping takes center stage.

A Spa Designed for Dozing

Designing the spa with The Apartment, a NY design firm, Nicolas’ own invention, Yelo’s signature “Cab” (short for cabin), is designed for ultimate relaxation – the lighting, custom aromatherapy and music (from Chopin to whale sounds) and Zero Gravity Chair all allow the body to naturally sleep and awaken – all while you are cradled in a cashmere blanket!

The Yelo Cab - A taxi to the Land of Nod

As part of our “Celebration of Sleep” week, Nicolas shared some of his secrets for a superb slumber:

1. Position Your Body Correctly

Yelo’s Zero Gravity Chair creates a relaxation response by forcing more blood flow to chest – which reduces heart rate.simulated sunrise to awakened. Ideally knees are1-2 inches above head bringing blood back to brain, so your bpm drops as does body temperature (another key for relaxation).

SpaHome Pick – Since we all can’t have zero gravity chairs, try using a knee pillow like the one below from The Company Store which elevates knees.

Knee Wedge Pillow from Company Store

2. Scent

Nicolas’ recommends the Essence of Vali fragrance sprays. Because it is a water based fragrance, it only lasts thirty minutes, just enough time to go to sleep. And one can spray them on oneself or on the bed.

3. Waking with the Sun

Nicolas in general doesn’t use alarm clock, as he wakes naturally with the sun.

SpaHome Pick: Not all of us have sunny vistas to greet us in the morning so we recommend the Phillips Wake Up Light which gradually gets brighter gently waking your body without jarring alarms.

Phillips' Wake Up Light

4. Napping

Napping 3X per week for no more than 40 mins also helps one sleep more soundly and be more productive during work hours.

Live Chat with Nicolas

We are thrilled to welcome Nicolas as our special guest on Spa Brunch Sundays radio show on April 17 at 1PM eastern/10AM pacific. Call in and ask him your questions about Yelo, sleep and the benefits of napping. Plus we’ll be spinning tunes from Yelo’s signature CD.

Live, Love and Lounge, Candy

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