Zig, Zag, Hotel Missoni

A girl never forgets her first Missoni. Mine was in a thrift store in Notting Hill – OMG I embarrassed my boyfriend I was so excited to see that kaleidoscopish cardigan sleeve peeping out behind about a million sweaters!

So with all the recent hubbub over Target’s Missoni collection ( which side of the Target fence are you on by the way?) – I’ll admit I was tempted to go check out the madness that ensued here in LA. (I have scored a few cute pieces from Target’s early collaborative collections.)

But I don’t know, it just seemed wrong somehow. Anyhoo Tar-jay aside, I am in LOVE with the Hotel Missoni. Yes Missoni has hotels with spas! in Edinburgh and in Kuwait! So in honor of Missoni madness. . .

Enjoy then get busy mixing those patterns in your own casa, Missoni does have a fab home line. . . (but that’s another story):

Candy color Italian style (even the candle!) and check out that turquoise towel - see how it looks as thick as a rug? Now THAT's a towel! Even the hand lotion & soap are in on the action. Spahhh.

Missoni china sports decadent snacks in the Missoni spa Edinburgh.

Wouldn't you love to dip your toes in that center pool? Six Senses Spa at the Missoni in Kuwait, goes for solid colors to blend with the zig zag palette of the hotel common areas. I'd still like to see some zig a zig ah here though.

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